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End of Tenancy Cleans Pembrokeshire

Coastal Cleaning delivers five-star, affordable end-of-tenancy cleaning services for households and landlords in Pembrokeshire. 

Moving out of a property can be a stressful experience at the best of times. However, when you add all the cleaning tasks to the list, it suddenly becomes a real challenge, especially when it comes to en of tenancy cleaning where details are important.

We provide the cleaning equipment and professionally trained cleaners, which can help with a stress-free handover when vacating the property. 

Why choose us for end-of-tenancy cleans?

  • We have over a decade worth of cleaning experience
  • Hundreds of satisfied homeowners, tenants and landlords
  • Average 5-star rating
  • All-inclusive prices from £17.99.

google review imageMore than half of today’s deposit disputes are often related to unkempt or unclean homes and properties. 

As a tenant, you might initially think it’s a good idea to do the cleaning yourself and that it will likely be quite easy to do.

However, by hiring a professional cleaning company like Coastal Cleaning, you eliminate the risk as we ensure that the whole property at the post tenancy address is in perfect condition when you vacate.

For landlords, hiring the right professional company can make all the difference as it sets the tone for new tenants entering the property and ensures they are happy and comfortable with their surroundings.

Call 01437 980118.

How it works

Whether you’re an estate agent or landlord looking to make the property pristine for new tenants, or tenants looking for a cleaning company to help with their end-of-tenancy clean so they can retain their deposit, we’ve got you covered.

  • We can pick up keys from estate agents to proceed with the cleaning and drop the keys off safely when we finish.
  • Our cleans are supervisor-checked by experienced cleaners to ensure the highest standards.
  • We have £10 million in Public Liability insurance for peace of mind.
  • Our cleaners are specially trained to carry out deep cleaning services and end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Contract cleaning for estate agents and landlords

As a landlord or estate agent, it might be preferable to work with a single company like Coastal Cleaning that you entrust with your property portfolio.

If you own multiple properties, you’ll require an expert cleaning agency with experience keeping domestic and residential households spotless.

By hiring professional help, you can ensure that your property is maintained and cleaned to perfection, which can help you get it ready faster for new tenants 0r buyers.

End of tenancy prices

Our cleaning services are tailored to relieve the stress of moving out of a rented property.

Our deep cleaning services ensure that our customers get as much as their deposit back as is in our control and can provide VAT invoices on request.

Our prices begin from just £17.99. However, for a specific quote, please contact us so we can understand precisely what services you need from us to complete and the time frame you need us to do it in.

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We will leave your property clean, tidy and free of clutter ready for the next tenant.

Our service includes a minimum of bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and general cleaning as well as additional services such as deep carpet cleaning.

Rest assured that our end of tenancy cleaners offer a top to bottom service that will leave your home in pristine condition.

As we are high quality cleaning company, we tend to avoid offering definite time frames on how long a clean will take – this is because every property is different and we like to ensure high standards across each in our network.

Once we have a better idea on how many rooms need cleaning and any additional services you require (if any), we will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate of cleaning duration.

In order to get the best clean possible, we would advise turning off your fridge and freezer 24 hours in advance of our visit. It can sometimes be impossible to clean a freezer when it is still frozen.

Coastal Cleaning welomes customers regardless of their size.

Whatever you need, we’re happy to arrange a weekly, daily or monthly cleaning service for smaller offices. 

Certaintly. We can provide weekly or monthly VAT invoices depending on how regular your cleans are scheduled.

We can send these automatically if you pay by Direct Debit. All of our prices are exclusive of VAT.

Certainly, we can provide a weekly or monthly VAT invoice depending on how often you pay. These can be emailed to you automatically if you pay by Direct Debit. All pricing offers we make are exclusive of VAT

For Coastal Cleaning, customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance to us.

Therefore, we offer a 100% service guarantee, so if by chance you are not happy with the clean we provide, we will always return for free to rectify the problem.

However, you can rely on the fact that we have years of experience in domestic and end of tenancy cleans and have a check-list of what needs to be cleaned to ensure a spotlcess clean every time. 

As part of our standard end of tenancy clean, we will hoover and wipe down any carpets or upholstery. However, if you think that these areas need any additional treatment, we would be happy to addd an additional professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service.

Additionally, we are happy to provide discounted rates on these additional cleaning services when booked alongside an end of tenancy clean. 

No, it will not be required for you to stay throughout the cleaning. However, we will need access to the property. But once we are inside, feel free to enjoy your time while we take care of the post-rental cleaning.

Don’t stress! We’ll handle the mess.

End of tenancy cleaning checklist

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that landlords want a property that can be rented out straight away. 

End of tenancy checklists ensures that the property is completely cleaned when returned to the landlord that including the areas that mere morals naturally miss during daily cleaning tasks. 

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